The question of the integrity of the 2020 election began on opening night with the Iowa caucus fiasco, which took weeks to figure out who won.

Vote integrity was later challenged this fall in New York, where some 100,000 absentee ballots were deemed erroneous due to "printing errors."

Of course, there is the example of the 2000 "hanging chad" election that was ultimately decided by the Supreme Court.

Now that there are legitimate questions about several states being involved in vote irregularities, it appears that mail-in mayhem will taint whomever wins the 2020 presidential election.

Any honest analysis will point out that when states that had never held mail-in elections, and are suddenly required to deal with the extra paperwork involved, there are bound to be problems such as those seen this election cycle. Throw in the obstacles of the COVID-19 pandemic protocols, and one could conclude the chances for fraud rise exponentially.

For those who might tend to doubt this claim, one needs to look at how state departments of transportation handle automobile transactions, or employment departments deal with unemployment claims, in the time of the coronavirus. And then there are the ongoing problems states are having with K-12 education.

One positive outcome of this year's election is that neither presidential candidate will have a mandate to promote their policy initiatives. If someone tells me that "elections have consequences," or "the people have spoken," I can honestly respond by saying, “Really?”


Jeffers Gardens

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Robert Potter

Elections have consequences and the people have spoken. Really!

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