I see The Astorian has printed a wonderfully ignorant response to my letter of Sept. 9. Bill Graffius seems to be well into the prevailing mindset, letting others do his thinking. I am surprised he did not call me a murderer.

All his cited "peer review" happens in a lab. In the real world, the disease does not respond. COVID virions easily pass through all but N95 and better masks. Even those are not perfect. I would be happy to debate the effects of mask mandates versus disease progression using real-world Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data at any time.

Are mandates freedom limiting? Really? Yes, mandates are mandates. They limit freedom by definition. They require obedience under threat of fine or prison — to what end? I say again, the disease does not respond or respect mask mandates.

Do I accept speed limits, traffic signals, zoning laws, firing a weapon ...? What a ridiculous question. COVID versus speeding? My God. I do not force anyone to serve me, unlike fascists who willfully force others to not serve me.

Now I do not pretend tell Graffius or anyone else how to live their life. He can mask or not. Yet I maintain I am not endangering anyone by my actions. I will mask up in deference to the hard-pressed businesses who require it under current mandates but it is ineffective.

Finally, yes, these mandates are fascist. Did you vote on them? Check that definition again.