In response to the article "Design Review Committee member confronted by Astoria Mayor over hotel comments," The Daily Astorian, Jan. 8):

As a veteran of the U.S. Navy submarine service, I've witnessed enough poor management and leadership of projects and people by senior officers to know that just because you served multiple years of service and attained a certain rank, does not automatically qualify you to be a good manager of people and projects.

Mayor Bruce Jones has shown clear lack of good leadership by pointing out publicly that he believes his 30-plus years of experience as an officer in the Coast Guard gives him automatic qualification as a good manager and leader of people and projects over someone who is younger.

Ms. Sarah Jane Bardy has built her successful business through excellent project management and people skills in a very short time. All without benefit of leadership training, etc., which Mayor Jones has undergone numerous times during his 30-plus years of service within the Coast Guard.

Mayor Jones, in discounting Ms. Bardy's own experience, shows very poor judgment. Plus, what is the purpose of the Design Review Committee if the City Council will overturn its decision?



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