Being realistic, I can't afford to give more than a big "thank you" to those who have given their efforts to us all!

To the sanitation workers who pick up our garbage. The postal workers who will keep our mail flowing seven days a week, rain or shine. The public works department, for giving us good, clean water and maintaining our infrastructure, like street sweeping and brush cutting.

To the fuel jockeys, who stand in the rain to feed our modern-day horses. The store clerks, and all other front-line workers, who adjusted to help keep us all safer, despite the risk to themselves. Speaking of risks, thank you to the crabbers, fishermen and those who worked in the timber industry, for keeping our traditions alive.

Living where the power goes out a few times a year, a special thanks to the linemen who do their best to keep the freezer from thawing. To the paramedics, firefighters, police and all those who support them, like dispatch and the hospital staff.

To those who have allowed me into their dwellings to help them make their homes better, I thank you. You make it possible for me to pursue one of my dreams by making people happy. To my wife of 42 years, Cecilia Haskell, thank you for giving this passion-driven military veteran, want-to-be artist, a heaven-like home!