People are waking to the possibility of Medicare for All, a transformative health care reform that would provide quality care to all people, regardless of wealth, age or employment.

U.S. Rep. Pramila Jayapal will soon introduce the Medicare for All Act of 2019, legislation that is coming at a time when upwards of 70 percent of Americans support expanding this loved and proven program.

The movement for Medicare for All is snowballing, and no wonder. Millions of people in America are not receiving health care because they simply can't afford it. We've heard enough stories: delaying a test because of high copays and deductibles; skipping doses because prescriptions are too expensive; or turning to bankruptcy and GoFundMe to deal with outrageous medical bills. People are dying unnecessarily.

To realize Medicare for All, health care activists like myself are organizing our communities to build our grassroots movement and persuade legislators to pass this lifesaving reform.

Join us. Call your Congressional representatives and demand that they cosponsor the Medicare for All Act. Show up at your local Medicare for All organizing party (

Now is the time to act. Do it for the health of yourself, your family, and everybody.


Raymond, Washington

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amber cowan

The real problem is the pharmaceutical industry, the insurance companies, are making millions, maybe billions

Oh and let's let corporations pay something too, instead of subsidiaries for them NOT PAYING LIVING WAGES
That's a good start.

Slappy McFerrin

I'm convinced the 'Medicare for all' crowd doesn't really understand what Medicare is. It's not free. You only receive Part A if you've earned enough credits, i.e. payed into the system via Medicare tax. Part B has a monthly premium. Both A and B have holes and limitations that if not covered by private insurance (Medicare supplement, Med Advantage, Part D prescription) could leave Medicare recipients destitute. They also don't understand that the only reason some health care providers accept low Medicare reimbursement rates is because they can shift their loses to private insurers in the group and individual markets. Medicare for all wouldn't work anything like current Medicare because there's no where to shift costs and cover loses.

Lucy Delray

This is a lovely thought Sherri but who is going to pay for Medicare for All? As it stands, the current Medicare program is barely keeping it's head above water and in many cases recipients of Medicare receive subsidized coverage through Medicaid.
If the current Medicare coverage is barely sustainable then how is Medicare for all sustainable? Money does not grow on trees as many politicians seem to think and someone will have to pay and pay dearly for this. So before considering this "pie-in-the-sky" offering please provide the general public the solution for paying for this. IT also means losing my current PCP and the option of the hospital of my choosing. If it sounds too good to be true that's because it is too goo do be true.

amber cowan

I dont know about anyone else, but our household certainly pays enough taxes, I'd think THAT would be enough to cover the cost?
Why can every other industrialized country pay LESS than we do, but socialized (single payer, everyone pays something) medicine WORKS FOR THEM?

And don't say their taxes are higher, because they count EVERYTHING you pay to live , like
Mortgage /rent
Those are all considered tax.
I spend $500 a month on two prescriptions for my husband and I. We both have insurance we pay for, that covers nothing.
So anyway, if we want yo REALLY compare tax rates, I'd say we pay 80% to our necessities. A HECK of a lot less than said countries. (Italy, the UK, Canada, to name a few)
There's got to be a better way.

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