There is a terribly misleading statement in Oregon Public Broadcasting's and The Oregonian's otherwise excellent article by Tony Schick and Rob Davis on the risks industrial logging pose to drinking water.

Arch Cape's proposed property tax levy to buy the forests around our drinking water source is only going to be 40 cents per $1,000 of assessed valuation. For most property owners, this is only $100 to $200 per year.

Since Clatsop County assessed values are substantially less than the assessor's estimated real market value, the "$2,300 per home" figure mentioned in the article would represent the cumulative total of increase in property tax payments over 10 years on a home with a market value of about $1 million.

A reader could misunderstand your sentence to mean that their 2021 tax bill would be significantly increased. Because the community will spend the next four months discussing this levy and the proposed purchase, such a misunderstanding would be really damaging to that discussion.

We do appreciate the many excellent points made in the article, and concur with its conclusions. These are the very reason we feel this investment is so important.


President, Arch Cape Water & Sanitary Districts