I am writing to oppose the effort to recall Oregon state Rep. Tiffiny Mitchell. The recall process is meant to provide a way to remove corrupt officials, not to censure someone for holding an opinion that differs from your own.

A recall election could cost our community up to $50,000. This is money that our towns cannot afford to divert from schools, health services, or roads.

Not only that, the special election will not bring any real change. If recalled, local county commissioners — not voters — will decide who replaces Mitchell, and the rules dictate that a vacated seat must be filled by someone from the same political party.

Voters who disagree with Rep. Mitchell's policy decisions would be better served by spending their time and money recruiting a solid candidate for the upcoming election in 2020, rather than wasting taxpayer money on a misplaced recall effort.

If you are approached by a petition gatherer, please decline. It's not worth the money or the hassle.



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