Regarding the editorial "Oregon lawmakers need to take a timeout" (The Astorian, June 22), there are several things I'd like to point out.

Perhaps the most important is that the writer seems to confuse democracy with politics. Our representative democracy is, and has been, mainly a fairer way to get things done than was/is feudalism, monarchy or dictatorship. We get to vote for representatives, who then in turn vote on issues we communicate are important to us.

Democrats have supermajorities in both houses, and are pretty united on HB 2020. Democracy would say, "This is the will of the majority of the people, and should become law."

Politics is the art of not only getting elected, but getting your way once there. I give the Republicans credit here — they did the only thing they could to get their way. Good politics. I'm waiting for the next move from the Democrats.

I also take issue with the editorial's assertion that the bill would be disastrous for working-class Oregonians and do little to prevent climate change. California's experience has been pretty good for workers, and the more cities, states and countries that provide some examples of actions to be taken, the more likely that the climate crisis can be overcome.

Whether the legislature acts or not, we have to tackle this problem. It would be so much easier if they did act. A timeout is just not feasible. We need to act now.



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