Tiffiny Mitchell needs to go. She has aligned herself with Portland politics, not with the people in her district. Now that she is in her position, she has forgotten that she represents us. Let’s remind her.

Tiffiny is the state representative for District 32, which spans from Clatsop County to parts of Tillamook and Washington counties. Here is some of what she has supported, but we don’t:

• Tiffiny voted to keep $108 million of your “kicker” tax money when she voted yes on HB 2975.

• Tiffiny voted to silence us to secure the $2.8 billion tax on businesses for the Student Success Act, HB 3427, by making it practically impossible for us to have a vote.

• Tiffiny voted “yes” on HB 2020, the cap and trade carbon tax. Cap and trade equals a system for controlling emissions.

A limit is set on the amount of emissions a business can produce, but additional emissions capacity can be bought, sold and traded from other businesses that have not used their full allowance.

Oregonians emit less than one-twentieth of one percent (0.14%) of carbon. A cap on what we produce would make less than a twentieth of one percent impact on the world’s carbon footprint.

The cost of energy will dramatically increase — everyone is affected. Each household would be paying energy increases estimated to be between $1,000 to $1,500 per year.

Cap and trade creates an artificial market to buy, sell and trade allowances as a commodity. This is bad. Who knows how much this would cost us?


Astoria/El Cajon, California

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