I'll be honest, I dislike just about every vote that a Republican representative makes. That said, I would never, never, never consider signing a petition to recall one of them for that reason.

Recalls are for situations when an elected official breaks the law, or commits a serious ethical violation (like sentencing a rapist to six months, so as not to ruin their future). Voting as a representative sees fit doesn't qualify.

As lawn signs go up demanding a recall of Rep. Tiffiny Mitchell, I'm truly shocked and a little disappointed. I ask folks why they have one and they spout rumor, all of which can be disproved with a little research. Or, they don't like how she voted. None can cite an actual ethical violation or dereliction of duty.

Rep. Mitchell is one of 38 Democratic representatives in the Oregon Legislature. Her vote does not control an outcome. One has to wonder who's paying for those signs and pushing a recall against this particular individual, and why.

As paid signature gatherers canvass the area, I hope that each of you will consider not signing based on rumor, emotions, or general dislike for an opposing party.

I would like to know that there are not 4,883 among us who would so flagrantly disregard the very idea of democracy that they will work to undermine the process. There is already an excellent procedure in place to remove unwanted representatives; it's called voting. #RejectTheRecall



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