I went out the other morning to pick up The Oregonian off the sidewalk, and thought it wasn’t there, and that only some flyer was in its place, because it was so tiny. But it was the newspaper.

We are all aware that our local newspapers are shrinking, and we fear that they will soon disappear altogether, as many newspapers across the nation have. Also, we watched family over the holidays staring at their phones and laptops, and accusing Granny of not being with the times. Well, I am with the times. These times are scary, as our press is denigrated by this administration.

Who is doing the investigative reporting? It is our newspapers. How many times have you noted CNN, or CBS, or other news outlets quote stories from the Washington Post or The New York Times?

I am going to continue to support newspapers including, of course, The Daily Astorian. They are the foundation of our democracy.



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