I want to comment on the nontransparency of the election donation to Deborah Boone from John Helm ("In Oregon campaign investigations, ‘I did not’ is all it takes," The Astorian, Sept. 17), along with an additional comment about Gov. Kate Brown's office seeking to control all Freedom of Information Act requests when they disagree with the legal government office appointed to process these requests ("Oregon’s first public records advocate quits," The Astorian, Sept. 9).

It seems these days that government seeks to operate any way they choose to, and to conceal from the public what they are doing.

I do not believe that Boone was seeking to go behind the backs of the public with her decision to forward a donation on behalf of someone else.

I do not like any politician forwarding money to other politicians under any circumstances. If a politician is not going to use the donation themselves, they should be required to either return the money to the donor or to the Department of Revenue as a donation to the state of Oregon, not some politician they want to help finance a campaign for.

In my opinion, government has lost almost all credibility in being honest with the public, and it has to stop. The law needs to be clearer, and punishment for forwarding donations in the manner done by Boone must stop.

Also, the governor's office needs to stay out of Freedom of Information Act requests, no exception. If the governor does not like the truth getting out to the public, too bad.



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