Vice President Mike Pence is offended by the negative response to his wife, Karen Pence, teaching at an anti-LGBTQ Christian school in Virginia — a school where she also taught years ago ("Karen Pence teaching at school that bans gay students," The Daily Astorian, Jan. 16).

While the school's policy is technically legal, it requires staff and parents to sign a document stating that only heterosexuals are acceptable, and only male/female marriage is acceptable. Legal does not make it moral, fair, tolerant or exemplary.

The school vilifies and does not accept LGBTQ staff, students or parents. Change anti-LGBTQ to women — no female staff, students, parents. Or African-American — no black staff, students or parents. Or Asian — no Asian staff, students or parents. Or Muslim — no Muslim staff, students or parents. No Jewish, Catholic, Native American or Hispanic staff, students or parents.

There was a time when it was acceptable to discriminate against all these groups and more, but no longer. As Americans we aspire to create equality, diversity, fairness, and tolerance. Vice President Pence and his wife represent the values of their extremist Christian sect, violate the separation of church and state, and do our nation a disservice.

It is the public that should be offended by the Pences' behavior.



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Robert Johnstone

Ms. DeLores may be personally offended by the Pences' exercise of their right to association, but the first amendment protects that right for all of us - not just for those with whose views we agree. Thank goodness!

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