I don't understand why there is an attempt to replace Tom Brownson (Astoria City Council, Ward 2). He has served faithfully, and would like to give four more years of service.

All of the council members at this time get along and work well together. We have enough turmoil in our lives. Let's keep it tranquil, where we have peace and efficiency.

When I had a concern, I wrote Brownson a letter and received a prompt reply with exactly what he was going to do, as opposed to vague promises and platitudes that you get from some politicians.

He appeared before a group that I belong to via Zoom, and he gave us the feeling of his competency while still being easygoing, with no pushy agenda. He just wants to give four more years and complete his job.

Let's give him another term. There will be plenty of time for those who feel we need a "businessman."



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