State Rep. Tiffiny Mitchell’s guest column about Clean Energy Jobs makes it sound like Georgia-Pacific can just pay more to operate, and everything will be fine ("North Coast needs clean energy jobs," The Daily Astorian, April 4).

When the Wauna mill uses hydro power and biomass, why should it pay more when it is a high-tech, green mill? We need someone who will fight for our jobs, not someone who will tell us to pay more and everything will be OK.

I have lived in this community for 60 years, and have 12 years of service with the Wauna mill, and know firsthand pennies on the case matter. I have seen our production go up and down because of those pennies. We can’t afford another expensive regulation that does nothing for the environment, and sends our jobs out of state.

Plus, Mitchell seems to think that United Steelworkers Local 1097 members don’t have a grasp on this issue. Steelworkers are more versed on the impacts of this bill than Georgia-Pacific is. Georgia-Pacific has lots of manufacturing options. The Wauna mill just has one.

House Bill 2020 is a revenue bill disguised as an environmental bill. It will have a negative impact on the environment, a negative impact on our local community and a negative impact on the state.

Keep these green jobs in Oregon so our local community benefits.