The April 29 online headlines in The Astorian, one on top of the other, with absolutely no irony: "County appeals to governor to lift virus restrictions," and "County reports 14 new virus cases."

Clatsop County has a goal of vaccinating only 70% of its population, and it has not even achieved half of that as of this writing. But the county wants the governor to allow everything to be open for business, with no restrictions?

The endless opening and closing of businesses is frustrating, and there is only one way to stop it. Every single person must get vaccinated. Enough with allowing people to refuse to get vaccinated, and demanding that they have the right to go about life as usual, while it puts the health and well-being of others at risk.

They're blocking COVID-19 herd immunity. They are solely responsible. Cases in the state keep going up by the hundreds. It's time to require that people get vaccinated. No one has the right to continue to perpetuate a deadly public health risk. No one.

Either everyone gets vaccinated, and everything is able to open up and come back to life, or COVID-19 cases continue to go up and restrictions are imposed, eased and re-imposed, because of a never-ending cycle of illness.