The Astoria Planning Commission is working on changes to the R-3 zoning codes (high density residential) to allow 80 people to move into a facility, no questions asked. The current rules require a conditional use permit and a public hearing. Under their proposal, you will not have a right to contest, or be heard.

Astoria has a comprehensive plan designed to control growth and protect the residents of our beautiful city. This proposal ignores those plans, and will have negative consequences for all of Astoria. And, it was based on R-3 zoning codes from Portland and Beaverton. Is this what we want to become?

This all comes, coincidentally, prior to the much-delayed Astoria City Council hearing on Clackamas-based Pacific Seafood moving 80 international temporary workers into Astoria Pointe, a former drug treatment center and retirement home here in our cozy neighborhood. A coincidence? I think not.

These workers will be stacked on bunkbeds, three or four to a room, and cook their meals in their rooms on hot plates and microwaves. They'll be shuttle-bussed back and forth to Warrenton at all hours of the day and night, six days a week.

These conditions are inhumane, and a horrible experiment. This barracks-style housing is not what we want in Astoria, and this sets a terrible precedent for more to come. Perhaps down the street from you.

I strongly urge you to write to the Planning Commission before their Sept. 22 meeting or testify at their online meeting on that date.



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Scott Fenton

Update: The Planning Commission meeting was held last night, and we were the sixth item on the agenda. At the start of the meeting, the Commission then stated they were moving our agenda item to be first, then subsequently postponed our item all together to October 6, 5:30PM via Zoom link: These Zoning proposals are a detriment to all of Astoria.

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