I am opposed to any war with Iran. A year ago, President Donald Trump pulled the U.S. from the nuclear agreement that took 10 years to build. Just because he could. Like a spoiled child with a toy.

There have been no real new threats from Iran. Remember our mistakes in Iraq? A holocaust. Trump has taken jealous delight in demolishing much of the good created during Obama's presidency.

This war escalation must stop. John Bolton and Mike Pompeo came to the White House as hawks, and that attitude is what brought them there, and what keeps them there. Conflict.

We don't need to start another war in the Middle East. Iran has its own problems, and doesn't need one, either. We do need an educated diplomacy from the State Department. And with Pompeo, that's not happening. That education and understanding is what builds alliances, trust and a future for all children.

The cost of just sending gigantic warships and armaments to the Persian Gulf must have been a pretty penny. Enough to feed the children who are starving in this country.

Iranian people are not so different than we are. They want a house and a car and a chicken in the pot on Sunday. The Iranian culture is thousands of years old. Strangely enough, in general, Iranians like Americans. Go figure.

We must learn to live in a world with differences. Nothing is served by another war in the Middle East. If this war happens, will Don Jr. and Eric Trump be going? I hope so.



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