Thursday, Aug. 8, The Astorian published a front-page article written by Nicole Bales, "Gearhart police chief calls out city councilor."

I find this article to be poorly investigated, and as a result has called into question the reputation of Councilor Kerry Smith. In the article, it reports that Police Chief Jeff Bowman states that Smith was "grossly wrong" when he came to his office in July to inquire about a dog bite case.

Bowman said that Smith was asking about the case as a citizen, not as a councilor. Bowman says he believed that Smith's mannerism was that he was questioning as a councilor and not as a citizen. The article says that Smith was unavailable to comment.

Without obtaining both sides of what, in reality, should not have been a major issue, The Astorian prints an article that only expands a non-issue, and fans the flames of division. Bowman says that he hopes this sends a message to city councilors.

The way this article was written it calls to question Smith, when possibly it could be the police chief who should be questioned. Is it possible that Mr. Bowman has some other issue with Mr. Smith?

When the police chief wants "the mayor to know … and everybody else to know … this isn’t the city of Portland where the mayor is in charge of the police department and he gets to interfere." Really? My question to Mr. Bowman is to whom does the chief of police report?



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