Reelect. Folks, this is not correct. Reelect does not honestly label the four ladies running for the Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District Board. You cannot reelect someone if they were never elected.

Only one person on the current board was elected, and he has been there for 19 years; maybe it's time for a change. The rest were hand-selected.

Sure, they will tell you it was a rigorous selection; I know this is not true. I was on the board for a short time, and I was elected. I won my seat by talking to the voters and promising I would do my best for them.

Reelect is an untruth and they are aware of this lie.

Under the direction and encouragement of the executive director, this board spent taxpayers' money like it grows on trees. The purchase of a very old, questionable, unsafe building. They paid $2.15 million of taxpayer money, and say they saved you millions. Time for a change.