To die by nuclear radiation is despairing, excruciating, painfully slow. It is worse than being boiled in oil, because there you get cooked in a matter of hours, not weeks or months.

I have seen the video interview of a Navy man, the last of the people on the ship to survive. He had lost all of his appendages, yes all. He was down to a scarred head and trunk. He had lost his ears, eyes, nose, arms, legs, and yes his male organs. He could talk, undoubtedly on pain meds. He acknowledged that his ship had been assigned the duty of photographing, taking a moving picture, of a test atomic bombing of an island off on the horizon. Little did the military know about nuclear radiation.

Madame Curie died of radiation poisoning, which is the reason I didn't further pursue nuclear physics/chemistry. Nuclear radiation is incompatible with life as we know it. We already have Hanford, etc. Some of the radioactive byproducts have half-lives of hundreds of years. That means that only half of it decomposes in that half-life. So we are looking at hundreds and hundreds of years of exposure to life-threatening radiation not even visible to us.

President Donald Trump is lightly discarding the nuclear weapons ban treaty we have with Russia? If they are not in compliance, then economically sanction, sanction, sanction them. President Ronald Reagan sure pushed back against Russia. And, these bloody Russian viral nerve killing agents are in violation of another international agreement.



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