There is a statement in the film "O Brother, Where Art Thou" that says, "That don't make no sense." I'd like to apply that to this letter.

I feel it applies to the restrictions that we face every day due to COVID-19, and though many don't want to state their feeling on this, I do. I'm too old to care.

Virtual Crab, Seafood & Wine Festival: Why? The main reason for the crab fest is to eat crab and drink wine. Virtual? Extra money the chamber of commerce doesn't know what to do with? We have been watching the many small projects that the city and various organizations have been pushing. You can name those.

And here sits Shively Park — a beautiful place in its heyday, in the 1911 100-year celebration. Look it up on the internet, if you would. Beautiful.

Twelve acres, neglected and overgrown with trees and bushes. Enough room where you could put all the tributes to the people who contributed to make Astoria great.

An amphitheater which was once beautiful and useful, gone to waste. I would ask why someone younger than me doesn't start this project? You could, you know.

The Astorian: I love our local news. I applaud The Astorian for this. Don't forget these small businesses. I have noted the lack of advertising during COVID-19. That is bound to affect their small business income and loss statement.

We should support them, as well as others — the small business is the heart of America. Thank them all.