Smart meters and 5G madness are all the rage these days. I went to a local screening of "Retake Your Power," and was surprised to see a rabid following. If you haven’t seen it, I wouldn’t recommend it, unless you like the pseudo-science Area 51 conspiracy theory alien abduction genre.

The simple act of starting to bring the electric grid into the 21st century by installing smart meters meets with a backlash fueled by Google searches and social media.

I did a search for Titanic Lifeboat Academy, and I found the epiphany. They are the same people who presented the video. The video hammered home the idea that 5G is going to entrap us in a web of electro-magnetic radiation. What you didn’t see in the video was a picture of the electromagnetic spectrum. Google it.

Since the advent of radio, we seem to be able to survive and flourish in a world that added more and more electromagnetic waves. They go through us. Our heads don’t explode.

I, for one can, remember growing up with my head two feet away from a cathode ray tube, watching “The Flintstones.” Do you really think that I’m going to be scared by a little 5G?

When the big one comes, and you sail off in your Titanic Lifeboat over the edge of the earth, I'll be here, cheering on the Salvage Chief as we clean up the mess you are leaving behind.



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