I scour the river beach at Fort Stevens for trash on almost a daily basis. It's a beautiful stretch of beach, and deserves to be treated with respect.

I have a particular beef with the bonfire crowd. Almost every bonfire site has trash left behind in and around the charred driftwood. Recently I picked up a broken vodka bottle and a broken beer bottle that were thrown on the fire. The glass was sharp and dangerous.

Why did the bonfire people throw the bottles in the fire? Did they really think the fire would consume it? Do they think the tide will just take it away? I know it’s a younger crowd but they should know better.

I am thinking that we should post signs at the entrance to the river beach that states "Pack it in. Pack it out." There are no trash bins or facilities at this entrance, which is between Area C and Area D. Other options are no driving on the beach, or no bonfires.

I know that there are a lot of people who would consider such things to be heresy here in Clatsop County. However, if people can’t behave responsibly, the choices are to either shut it down, or police it.

Every day when we have benign weather, I find bonfire sites with new mounds of garbage. We really need to treat our beaches with greater care and respect.




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