Fellow West Oregon Electric Cooperative (WOEC) member/owners: Long power outages are dangers to our health, livelihoods and quality of life. Board of directors’ policy and priorities are crucial aspects of how this is managed.

I am running for the District 5 board of directors seat, but all members vote for all directors. My goals and values: Continuing the ongoing upgrade of service, a commitment to really hearing all members, fiscal responsibility and accountability, and sustainability of the co-op.

My promise: To meet members directly at least three times a year in different locations in the district (all members welcome), bringing managers along. If we can’t answer your concerns immediately, we’ll take your contact information to get you solid answers.

I won’t promise to magically drop the rates, but I’m open to new cost-effective technologies. Rates are primarily based on indispensable personnel and equipment — both maintenance and replacement.

We still pay for recent massive storm/flood damage. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) payouts only cover 75 percent, and only for locations declared disaster areas. The only source of income for the co-op is what we members pay.

I’ve been attending board meetings for the past year, as well as learning about America’s electrical grid system, studying our own co-op’s history, and reviewing cooperative law.

Please review my candidate statement that comes with the ballot mailed July 27 to see how I contribute to my community on an ongoing basis since 2004, and consider voting for me. I’ll hit the ground running, doing my best to help us all thrive.



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