I’m a lifelong Astorian. As someone who supports safe roads in Oregon, I urge the Oregon legislature to pass the Equal Access to Roads Act (HB 2015).

In many communities, especially in rural Oregon, driving is part of everyday life. It’s not safe or practical for people to walk for miles on country roads to get to work, or take care of their families.

Many emphasize they do not want to drive with undocumented immigrants on the road, because they will run from the police in the case of a car accident. The fact is that being in a car accident is not a crime, unless it is a hit and run, but driving without a license can be a misdemeanor, and a way to be flagged for deportation.

If undocumented immigrants had access to apply for a driver’s license, not only would there be less accidents — since they’d be required to take the driving exam and know the rules of the road — but they would also be less likely to run at the scene of an accident.

Oregonians might disagree about how Congress should reform our complex and broken immigration system, but we can all agree that our immigrant friends and neighbors shouldn’t be separated from their families, and sent to a country they don’t know, over a traffic stop.

I urge legislators to pass driver’s licenses for our immigrant friends and neighbors.



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