The world’s best scientists have warned us. We have 11 years to significantly reduce greenhouse gas pollution, which causes climate change, or we’re in for a world of trouble. The worst storms of the past will become the new normal. Sea levels will rise and threaten coastal communities here in Oregon, around the nation and around the world.

The 2018 National Climate Assessment Report stated clearly that climate change is having economic impacts now, and will only become more severe as time passes if we do not reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We owe it not only to our children, and our grandchildren, but to ourselves, to take action to reduce greenhouse gas pollution. And many people I know do their part when they can. Now it’s time for large, polluting corporations to do their part.

That’s what Oregon’s proposed Clean Energy Jobs bill will do: Require big polluters to pay for what they put out, and reduce their emissions over time. And, it will invest money into our local communities to build more affordable clean energy and create jobs.

Now that the federal government has backed out of the Paris Climate Agreement, it is up to the states to act. We must create a clean energy future in Oregon, and we must start right now. Tell your legislators to pass HB 2020, the Clean Energy Jobs Bill.



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