In 1999, Oregon became the first state to fully implement vote by mail. I was apprehensive because I enjoyed going to my polling place, waiting in line five minutes and voting.

Presently Washington, Colorado, Utah and Hawaii also vote by mail. Today, in many states, waiting in line to vote can take hours and hours.

Is vote by mail open for fraud? No system is perfect, but if you research Oregon's safeguards that protect its election integrity, they are impressive. Every county in Oregon has to submit its election security plan annually to the secretary of state. That means better safeguards, if approved, can be implemented yearly.

In Clatsop County, vote by mail costs less, is free of electronic hacking, and leaves a full audit trail. So, we: Receive our ballots; mark our ballots; mail our ballots. Take that, coronavirus. What's not to like about a secure, convenient method of voting?

Research shows vote by mail raises turnout approximately 10%. At 50% voter turnout in Oregon, that equals about 170,291 more votes. I don't know about your state, but Oregon is about 170,291 votes closer to reflecting the true will of Oregonians. Really? Yup.

However people legally vote, it's patriotic.

If you live in a state that doesn't vote by mail, you might consider calling your legislators and request it. There's probably a few states where it won't be hot, cold, raining or snowing during elections. Maybe.

Oregonians may have webbed feet, but we don't stand in the rain to vote.



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