The complaints from the community regarding Consejo Hispano Executive Director Jenny Pool Radway and Board President Rosa Gilbert began months ago.

A letter detailing the executive director's cruel treatment of an employee, submitted in October 2020, was ignored and never investigated by the board. Concerns from the community continued to mount. In early February, a letter detailing complaints about the executive director was signed by about 118 members of the Latino community.

Because the board never made itself available to the community, in early March, the complainants were forced to request a mediator. After six months, the mediation hasn’t begun and has been watered down to facilitation.

A mediator renders a binding decision that the community was willing to abide by, but apparently the board didn’t want to run the risk. You can hear the trickle of contempt they have for the community because “it isn’t clear to them that all the people who signed the petition fully knew what they were signing.” (The Astorian, Sept. 23). Patronizing.

The board never talked with the petitioners, so yes, the investigation turned up “nothing.” The board is beholden to the community it serves, not the other way around. When a nonprofit is unwilling to listen to the people, it becomes a platform for personal ambitions.

The board, led by Gilbert, has failed to perform its fiduciary duties. Pool Radway has divided and offended many in the community and I am glad she is leaving. I hear the Causa Board performs its duties to protect the organization and the people it serves.