Astoria is economically driven by the tourists who visit our area. But over the past couple of years our town has been seeing a large increase in the harassment of tourists. There are people who carry all of their possessions with them along the Riverwalk and downtown Astoria panhandling visitors. This may set off many of the people who come to our town. Many may even tell their friends not to come here.

It is understandable that many of these people are without homes, but there needs to be a better solution. The problem is continuously getting worse, and children have even been known to be living in tents in the woods and other hidden areas.

I am in no way trying to attack these people, but does the problem need to get worse before we find a solution? It would be a shame to see Astoria lose its good reputation, for the kids to grow up in these conditions and for the adults to not get help.




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