For many years, Democrats and Republicans have been escalating tit-for-tat partisan changes to America’s way of governing itself. A recent example ended in regrettable changes to the confirmation process for federal judgeships — a process that worked well for 200 years. And in my book, neither political party will end up a hero in the long run for doing that.

When Barack Obama was president, the Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate changed rules to effectively eliminate Republican opposition to Obama’s appointments of all judges, except justices of the Supreme Court. After Senate Republicans became the majority, they adopted Democrat precedent, and extended the new rule to squelch Democrat opposition to all judicial appointments, including the Supreme Court.

With tit-for-tat history like this, it’s mind-boggling that Democratic presidential wannabees and Congressmen act as if they’ve never heard the expression, “be careful what you wish for.”

Today, some Democrats want to impeach President Donald Trump for inexplicable reasons, an effort reeking of extremism. That effort’s even bad enough to raise a red flag for Democratic Party leadership.

Other Democrat precedent-setters are Congressional investigations into President Trump’s private life before he was elected. This is odd strategy for 2020 presidential elections. One wonders what might happen to a Democratic president the next time Republicans have the power to do, tit-for-tat, what Democrats are doing today.

If Democrats hold their present course, America can look forward to many more years of tit-for-tat political chaos. Along with Trump’s re-election in 2020.



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Stephen Malkowski

Well said sir.

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