It is easier to sit back and criticize than to step up and lead.

I have been regularly attending the Port of Astoria Commission meetings since December 2018, and one commissioner repeatedly tears down the Port, and rips up the Port director. Meeting after meeting.

While serving on the Port for 12 years — yes, 12 years — this commissioner acts as if he has nothing to do with the current problems at the Port. Bill Hunsinger knows financial challenges and serious maintenance needs did not pop up overnight, they have been building up over the last decade. Yet this commissioner acts as if none of this happened on his watch.

Tearing down an institution and ripping up the leadership does not solve problems. Suggesting solutions, and working to build consensus, is the hard work of problem solving. For the first time in a long time, we have a choice for Port commissioner Position 3.

Scott McClaine will bring fresh eyes to the Port and will work respectfully with both staff and fellow commissioners. A vote for McClaine is a vote for civility and positive leadership at the Port. Please take time to vote and turn in your ballot by May 21.



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