To the people of Warrenton: When I learned about the vaccination issue arising with our firefighters, I went to the fire station to discuss this problem with our chief, Brian Alsbury.

I expressed my concerns about the possibility of one of our responding personnel to be the source of COVID-19 contact on a medical response call. Chief Alsbury presented me with a side of this issue that I had not thought of before.

Before entering any medical call, the responders outfit with N95 masks, goggles, a protective gown or suit and protective gloves, the reason being that the responder has no idea of what possible diseases the person they are trying to help may have. This side of things had not occurred to me.

On returning to our fire station, a process is performed to thoroughly sanitize the vehicle, and any and all equipment that may have been, or was, used on that call. Also, any and all surfaces of possible contact are wiped down with sanitizing wipes.

This set of protective protocols for our responders' protection also works very well to protect the person who has called for help. Chief Alsbury assures me that department protective protocols makes it nearly impossible for a responder to transmit any disease the responder might have.

In the Warrenton Fire Department, I see a well-trained group of volunteers doing things the right way.


Warrenton City Commission