Through the isolation and hardship associated with the global pandemic, the importance of our connection to others — personally and professionally — has come into sharp focus. While Hampton Lumber remained operational this past year, we are very aware this would not have been possible without dozens of local businesses.

In Northwest Oregon, we contract with 48 family-owned businesses to help us grow, harvest and move wood from the forest to the sawmill. Reforestation crews, loggers, road builders, surveyors, wildlife biologists, truckers and engineers are the backbone of the local forest sector.

The businesses we contract with, and their nearly 800 employees, are critical to local wood manufacturing. On behalf of all Hampton Lumber employees, I want to thank our contractors for their hard work and professionalism this year.

The work has never been easy even in "normal" times. Long days, challenging terrain, isolated locations and unpredictable, and sometimes severe, weather. They work through it all, and keep our mills and the communities in which we operate vibrant and sustainable.

In the midst of a global pandemic, our industry and communities also grappled with one of the most destructive wildfire events in recent memory. Foresters and loggers worked alongside state forestry and emergency managers to help protect their communities.

Now that recovery is underway, many are hard at work with salvage logging and reforestation efforts to help restore forestland and keep people safe.

To all our contractors out there, we are proud to call you our friends and partners.