I worked for many years at leading facilities as a level one trauma nurse. Providers at leading medical institutions are using a device and procedure that has no Federal Drug Administration testing for safety or effectiveness.

The procedure, called electroshock, involves up to 450 volts and greater to the brain. In the past, it was only approved for use in severe depression and as a last resort, but not any longer. It is used for many conditions, and on our children, veterans and during pregnancy. This is a global issue.

Under the guise of help, it is actually inflicting traumatic brain injuries (TBI) at a minimum, now proven in a court of law. Suits are being pursued around product liability, medical malpractice and against the FDA. There are billions involved in the U.S. annually. Trusted providers are criminally failing in their duty to warn, protect and not harm.

Patients have been discounted in their complaints by their providers, secondary to fear of litigation. They have been harmed under the guise of help for great profits. It is time to expose this, despite the monies, positions and reputations involved.

I ask that electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) patients now be seen as TBI patients in their outcomes, so that they may access needed rehabilitative services that all other TBI patients have at their disposal. The public is at great risk, and the issue will no longer be swept under the carpet. For information, go to bit.ly/ECTinjury



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