For the past four-plus years, the Republican Party has defined its moral character for the world by embracing President Donald Trump.

Far too many Republican voters have clearly demonstrated who they truly are, either by remaining silent on, or wholeheartedly supporting, Trump's expressions and acts of sexual immorality, misogyny, xenophobia, dog whistles to racism and fascism, mocking of the disabled and veterans, denial of science, calls for violence, demonization of the press, constant lying, fraud, incompetence and seditious acts.

The Jan. 6 siege of the U.S. Capitol was no protest or political demonstration. It was the Republican base doing Trump's bidding by committing a blatant act of insurrection and domestic terrorism that left 130-plus police officers injured and one dead.

The party itself has turned on the woefully few within their own ranks advocating for the rule of law, and has refused to censure members who are spewing crackpot conspiracies, repeatedly debunked lies, seditious speech, racial hate and even calling for more violence.

Republicans want America to forget this heinous assault on democracy and move on. They are suddenly crying for unity and bipartisanship.

Our country cannot move on or heal and there can be no unity until there is accountability and consequences for all of the above.

Republicans need to face up to their cognitive dissonance and understand you cannot dance with the devil, sing his praises and do his bidding, then turn around and claim you hate sin. You have sown the wind, and now must surely reap the whirlwind.