Recalls are not appropriate simply for policy disagreements; that’s what elections are for. Recalls should be used only to remove corrupt officials.

No matter what you think about her voting record, Rep. Tiffiny Mitchell has always taken principled, well-researched positions to support the common good, even on controversial legislation. The organizers of this recall against her cannot point to a single instance of corruption or illegal activity by Rep. Mitchell. This recall is divisive politics at its worst.

The effort to recall Rep. Mitchell is obviously well-financed. We know out-of-district big money is behind all the expensive mailings and paid signature gatherers. But a recall will cost us, the taxpayers, at least $50,000, money that could be used to fix roads, provide mental health treatment and fund schools.

A recall is costly in more ways than money, too. If the expensive recall succeeds, politicians (county commission members) — not voters — will choose our next state representative.

A recall will cost us not only taxpayer dollars, but our right to vote for the state representative of our choice. Please don’t sign the recall petition.



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