As a successful businesswoman and proud resident of Seaside, Kathy Kleczek deserves your vote for Seaside City Council. Since the early 1990s, she has had a record of leadership and service.

As a resident of neighboring Cannon Beach, a hostess at Mo's Restaurant in Cannon Beach and a former teacher in Astoria and Seaside, I have respected Kathy's commitment to make her Seaside community livable for its residents and inviting to its visitors.

Kathy has always impressed me with her ability to communicate and collaborate with residents of other Clatsop County communities. She listens to all sides, speaks clearly, problem-solves and promotes opportunities for Seaside and the North Coast. One major focus of Kathy's is to reduce traffic impacts by promoting alternatives like bicycling and walking.

When Kathy owned and operated La Luna clothing shop in Cannon Beach, she also made time to serve on the Sunset Empire Transportation District. She always listened to transportation needs of my colleagues and Clatsop Community College students who depended on the SETD bus to get to work or class on time.

Kathy worked tirelessly to make the bus schedule work for them. She valued the input of all North Coast residents, regardless of age or ethnicity. Kathy is a very inclusive human being, respectful of diversity.

Please vote for Kleczek. She will be a competent connector and leader for Seaside's residents, shop owners and visitors. Kathy will accept the responsibility and challenges that Seaside faces.


Cannon Beach

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