I just finished reading an article from The Oregonian, "Polluted by Money" (Feb. 22). The safest printable word I can use is disgusting.

Our representatives, who have no time for constituents, can meet with a lobbyist in 90 minutes’ time — stopping bills that protect the population in exchange for big-money donations, and squashing concerns from government agencies responsible for insuring our welfare. Prostitution is not just rampant in Portland, it’s in the state Capitol. Buying votes, seats, and influence — in Oregon it’s perfectly legal.

I do believe in the capitalist system, but I also believe in democracy, which should act as a watchdog on the system and create a level playing field, while also protecting the public (their constituents) from government abuse. You ever hear that "promote the general welfare" thing?

How much money do I need to send to Salem so I can breathe clean air, drink clean water, eat food without poison? Is there a bundling price like cable and internet?

This is not a party issue, this is an "everybody" issue. It seems if there was one thing in government that would be bipartisan, it’s this one. I think the time is right for campaign finance reform: let’s remove all nonindividual donations from out of state to Oregon’s government.

Wouldn't it be funny if lobbyists had to actually present their case, instead of a checkbook? Our representatives are there to represent the people who put them in office, and it doesn’t appear to be you and I.



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