I believe we all should reject the attempt to recall Rep. Tiffiny Mitchell.

Foremost, she is a hardworking Oregonian, doing yeoman duty to find a balance on complex problems such as climate change, school funding, health care, the state budget and the Public Employees Retirement System.

Go to her website and read the newsletters to see the depth of thought and consideration she gives to the positions she takes on these complicated and contentious issues.

She is doing her level best to find solutions and common ground among her many constituencies: industry, workers, management, unions, environmental advocates, ordinary citizens and so on. She is transparent in her work, accessible to her community, and has held numerous town halls.

Secondly, this is an abuse of the recall process. Recall should be reserved for officials who are derelict in their duty, who are guilty of either unethical, immoral, or illegal behavior, or are not fulfilling the basic duties of the job. Recall should not be used as a remedy for disagreement over policy; to do so assaults our democratic structure.

Rep. Mitchell is working daily to improve the lives of hardworking Oregonians by trying to provide affordable access to health care, protect the environment, fund education and provide affordable housing. And lastly, Mitchell is so selfless, she is currently in the process of donating a kidney, without even knowing the recipient.

This is not a person to remove from office. Quite the opposite. This is a person to sincerely thank for her devoted public service.



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