President Richard Nixon had his “enemies list.” That didn't end well.

President Ronald Reagan declared the Soviet Union the “evil empire.” OK, think Cuban Missile Crisis, and 2016 election interference.

President George Bush (43rd president) called North Korea part of the “axis of evil.” OK, they did threaten to launch a missile at America.

Regarding the Mueller report: President Donald Trump said, on television, there are “evil people” out there who should be “investigated” so no president would have this happen to him again. Hmmm.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team seem to have carried out their assignment in an objective manner. Others, of the possible investigatees, might include members of the House Intelligence Committee, whose chairman, Democrat Adam Schiff, has been called on by the White House to resign, apparently for discharging his legally required duties. Go figure.

This is the same committee whose members must, according to the Constitution, be American citizens for at least seven years. Criticizing Americans for performing legitimate government assignments is not OK.

In my opinion, investigating, if done for the wrong reasons, runs the dangerous risk of elevating any president above the law. Knock, knock. Who's there? What's the difference between a president above the law and a dictator? Uhhh? What do you think?

Call your Congress person (202-224-3121) and ask them to demand the full, unredacted release of the Mueller report to Congress, and “we the people” immediately. After all, we paid for it, and this product was made in America. Buy American.



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