On Sept. 1, I went down to my local mini-mart to buy some cat food. When I got home, I could not find my purse that held my life in it. I went down to the store, my purse was just gone.

I thought, momentarily, that maybe someone really needed the money in the purse. Then, after grief settled in, I began going through the process of replacing my cards. The Department of Motor Vehicles was great. Got a new license on spot. Social Security was in the midst of a move, but I trudged on.

Replacing your citizen reality is not easy or fun.

On Sept. 3, I got a letter from the police department that someone had brought my purse in! All I had to do was make an appointment to recover my purse. It took a few days to get the appointment. But the women at the police station were terrific and nice. I was given my purse. It was encased in heavy plastic and I waited until I got home to look at the contents.

Everything was there. Everything. Even my COVID vaccination cards. Amazing. It made me feel so lucky and so good in the midst of everything we are all going through.

There are good people out there and they do the right thing. I have a renewed faith in people. I hope for the opportunity to give back. I am so glad and proud to live in Astoria. Thank you!