I read the letters to the editor in The Astorian regularly, and was shaking my head March 12 while reading. Two letters particularly caught my eye, and demonstrated the memory of long-term Oregonians vs. the seemingly more recent arrivals.

I am a native Oregonian, and a lifelong Democrat, although I've been embarrassed to admit to my party as of late. The Democratic supermajority has abused their power, and has broadened the urban-rural divide instead of making any attempt at a bipartisan effort for the good of the Oregon.

A majority agreed that a short legislative session should be held in the even-numbered years some time ago. But, they were to be held for housekeeping issues, such as releasing funds for the victims of the Umatilla River flood, or other adjustments to the budget. These sessions are not for policymaking; something the Democrats ignored.

I believe the Republicans did the right thing in walking out and denying a quorum. They learned this tactic from some of the same people scolding, belittling, bullying and demeaning them. The Democrats walked out in the early 2000s to prevent a vote, and then-Sen. Kate Brown said it was "reasonable and necessary." Hmm … so different from her attitude a couple weeks ago.

The business of the Oregon Legislature was not completed, and many will be hurt by it. But the fault lies with the actions of the supermajority, not the Republicans. Until our elected officials can put Oregon before party, we will all lose.



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