Practically and morally responsible for the events of the day, is how Sen. Mitch McConnell described President Donald Trump's culpability in the certification insurrection.

Trump flags flown by MAGA-clad Republicans flooded the U.S. Capitol. Shouting murderous threats, Trump supporters called for Vice President Mike Pence to be hanged, and for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to be shot. A preponderance of audio and visual evidence recognizing Trump's complicity requires no divine insight, only mortal common sense.

Having lost the election, and without any apparent intention of governing in a classic democratic sense, Trump aided and abetted a treasonous insurrection against constitutional process.

Nevertheless, with flags and placards, Trump supporters — who seem to endorse violence as an acceptable recourse to the democratic process — continue to exhibit their fealty to personality rather than constitutionality.

Consequently, Americans who embrace democratic propriety over totalitarian rule will continue to eschew these public symbols of authoritarianism.

Disingenuous claims that Trump called for peaceful protestations amid the chaos of insurrectionist rioting are laughable. Hackneyed defenses and weak-kneed rebuttals of Trump's actions fall far short of the reality of the day.

Evidence from that day clearly show Trump calling for rallygoers to march to the Capitol to fight like hell to overturn the results of a free and fair election. There is no doubt a monthslong campaign of dishonesty orchestrated by Trump, surrounding the question of election fraud, culminated with insurrection on Jan. 6.

These seditious acts against democratic normality will leave forever a lingering black stain on American democracy.