For a number of years now, both my wife and I have been very grateful for our monthly Social Security checks. We are even more appreciative of this program, that we both contributed to for over 40 years, as we navigate this pandemic and its many challenges.

Though the Social Security trust fund is strong, we know that changes will need to happen to keep it solvent for the next 100 years. I ask all recipients and future recipients as well: "Whom do you trust to maintain a viable Social Security, President Donald Trump or Joe Biden?"

Our current president said that he will terminate the Social Security payroll tax if he gets reelected.  According to the actuary for Social Security, cutting the payroll tax would put the whole system in jeopardy by 2023.

Biden says he will not change payroll taxes for anyone earning less than $400,000, but will increase the tax on those who make more than that amount. This change would keep the system healthy for many years to come in the amount of money it will raise. It will also improve the financial security of all Americans who retire.

Vote for Biden and the Democratic ticket to safeguard this precious and vital institution that has kept many older Americans out of poverty for over 80 years.



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