Seeing the article about school bus drivers (The Astorian, Oct. 2) reminded me of what happened one morning a week or two ago in that downhill, tight little S-curve on Irving Avenue between 26th and 23rd streets.

I was heading west, had just gone down into that S-curve, when I saw the big yellow school bus, going full speed and slightly over the double-yellow line into my lane. There's no shoulder there. I felt a tiny jolt and heard the sound of metal scraping on metal for the entire length of that bus.

I am not a nervous, timid nor beginning driver. I carefully drove on to where I could pull over. After a few deep breaths, I got out and saw that my outside driver's side mirror was flattened against the body of the car with a deep scratch on it. No other damage. Whew! I went on my way. No, the bus did not stop.

Could someone please remind these, and other future school bus drivers, that the safety of those children is so much more important than getting there in time?