I was dismayed to see the "Save CCC" website's misrepresentation of facts and the murky picture it paints of our unique Clatsop Community College landscape. It blames the current leadership for things over which it has no control.

Take a look at the agendas and minutes of recent college board and budget committee meetings, and you will see: No tuition increases, no "COVID-19 surcharge," no faculty position cuts. Instead, you'll find a detailed picture of the complex issues facing the college this year, and the point-by-point response to those challenges.

I welcome competition in these local elections — it sharpens our focus on the issues we care about most. But if Sue Iverson, Patrick Preston and Trudy Citovic truly feel called to serve the college, why are they using scare tactics to get there?

No board is perfect, but Robert Duehmig, David Zunkel and Sara Meyer are committed to the hard, sometimes tedious work of serving our community's college.