Seaside School District voters have chosen their leadership, and I congratulate Sandra Gomez on her election. I hope that the main goal will be improving the results being achieved by our underperforming school district.

It is interesting that voters never made an issue of the high cost of the new hillside campus. Our community is building a school facility that ranks among the top 10 most expensive school projects on a per-pupil-served basis in the U.S.

When discussing my alternative project, the school architect said that he never considered alternatives. The head of the county planning commission said that reducing costs by $80 million is not important.

Do voters really expect this lack of interest in cost can continue? Do elected leaders not understand that the greatest contributor to the rising cost of housing is increased property taxes? Do leaders not understand that we cannot keep shuffling off the financing of our communities on increasing visitor bed taxes?

The second home owners who can't vote in our elections — and who provide the bulk of the tax revenues for our schools and local government — will eventually seek less-costly vacation options.

So our mayor is correct: I am too analytical. But keep your eyes peeled, because I now intend to pursue the formation of a public utility district for our area which will reduce our electric bills by 30 percent, provide renewable power and survive a Cascadia event.



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