I am writing this letter to express my concern for the future of the city of Seaside.

The city has been allowing RV overnight camping on Necanicum Drive for a year now, along with people sleeping in their cars. My neighbors and I have complained to the Seaside City Council, however, it seems they think they have their hands tied and are looking into possible solutions.

Pedestrians have found the sidewalks blocked with the RV campers' belongings, and I have personally stepped in a puddle of urine when stepping off the curb in front of the RV that is parked the closest to the 12th Avenue bridge.

I have seen RV campers spray-painting their RVs, performing body work, etc. These RVs are an eyesore, and happen to be parked across the street from a city park.

I have been told the city cannot do anything due to a federal appeals court ruling related to Boise, Idaho. That ruling prohibits displacing homeless people if there isn't adequate shelter space.

In my research, I have found the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development doesn't consider people living in RVs to be homeless, as the vehicles are designed for human habitat.

My concern is if the RV campers parked on Portland streets find out they can park on the streets in Seaside, they may come in droves.

I suggest the city of Seaside use the anticipated $1.4 million American Rescue Plan dollars to start removing illegally parked RVs from city streets, and send a message.