I want to congratulate The Astorian's editorial board for printing the opinion piece, written by Dick Hughes, about state Sen. Brian Boquist's statements and actions at the end of the last Oregon legislative session "Boquist decision leaves all unsatisfied" (July 23).

I felt this was an extremely balanced and well-written commentary that gave me a lot of information that I would never have been aware of, except for reading it in the paper.

Approximately 80 percent of the opinion page was taken by this article, and allowed for the writer to state the facts as he understood them, and allowed him to cover this subject better than any politician of either party using their normal spin cycle to paint the picture they want to paint.

I personally detest rhetoric from any side, and I resent false responses from the people who wanted to pretend that they felt personally threatened.

I know that there is a lot of crazy gun violence in this day and age. But what I see is both political parties being as inflammatory as they can be in order to try and sway the public to their view.

Shame on the politicians; thank you, Dick Hughes and The Astorian editorial board.



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